Childs story

I love the train and the books.

Parents story

We go out and see different things we can do with our children. We have been swimming, and to Ikea and looked at toys. We went on a picnic to Jells Park. The children really like going out, and we like seeing new things.

Staff story

Our parenting experiences are so different, you can’t imagine the hardships people have faced. Life in Australia is challenging and our playgroups help our refugee families settle in. I’ve learned so much from these women too – seeing their strength and realising you’ve got to relax and can’t always get stuck on procedures.

About Program

This playgroup is focussed on supporting mothers who are new arrivals from Sudan. We help them make new friends and become involved within the community.


QEC’s staff coordinate the involvement of services such as Maternal Child Health, the library, Centrelink, community support workers and other relevant agencies to support the mothers. The playgroup has visiting speakers to ensure families are aware of services, child development and safe practices within their community.


The program aims to provide culturally specific parenting education and child health care, as well as support through playgroup activities. It also helps to identify families who would benefit from an intensive Parenting Plus program.


Furthermore, QEC also facilitates the provision of more formalised education opportunities through community organisations such as Maternal Child Health, Centrelink, the library, Immunisation and Migrant Resource Centre.


The groups are co-facilitated by community leaders and QEC Parenting Plus staff.


This playgroup has proved to be rewarding for everyone involved. There have been many opportunities to learn from the mothers about their culture through discussions, outings and cooking.

What to expect

The Sudanese group runs every Thursday from 1.00pm-3.00pm. For the Mothers that can not get to group we will pick you up between 12.15pm-12.45pm and bring you to playgroup. During the term we have planned outings as well as representatives from services that come into the group to visit and provide information and education.


What To Bring

Parents are asked to bring along:

• nappies
• bottles and formula
• a change of clothes for their children
• something for morning tea - perhaps a piece of fruit or some sweets.


Often the mothers in the groups like to bring a cooked meal and they all have group meal which is celebrated together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we get to the play group if we cannot walk or have any other transport?
The QEC bus is able to pick you and your children up from home and we have car seats in the bus for all children


Do we need to have our own car seat to travel on the QEC bus?
No, QEC has car seats for all children when they are travelling on the bus.


How much does it cost to come to the group?
There is no cost to attend the play groups at QEC.


How old can our children be to attend?
Children are usually aged younger than 4 years of age.


What will we do at the playgroup?
There is an opportunity to meet other mothers that are new to Australia and children are able to play and learn together.


Expert advise from QEC staff and community service like Centrelink and the Child Health Nurse are able to assist you in learning about what is available to you in Melbourne ,Victoria.