Childs story

Sometimes I'm upset and mum gets scared.

Parents story

I completed the referral form online. I didn't know what to expect or if I'd get any answers. Within a week, I received my phone call. I answered the phone and an understanding voice was on the other end. I could tell she could feel what I was going through. We went through the sleep issues I was facing and I felt she had a lot of different techniques for me to try. I could tell in her voice she had settled a few babies in her time. He still cries for me at least once or twice in the night but the improvement is amazing.

Staff story

Parenting can be challenging and there can be hard times. Parents get lots of advice and this can be overwhelming. A&I has qualified staff to talk to parents and work through with them what the issues are and what they have tried. We discuss with families what might work for them. It is great to help families come up with possible solutions. It could be trying something different or organising admission to a program

About Program

Are you looking for support with parenting?


Here at QEC our focus is to support families, with children aged from birth until 4 years, in their challenges along their parenting journey.


Our support ranges from:


Phone consultations, Day Stay Program, Residential program, Education Sessions and Community Programs.


What program is best for you is a shared decision discussed with you through our referral process.
You can submit a self-referral or complete with your Health Professional.


To submit a referral, please download the Referral Form, save to your computer, complete all sections and return to QEC via email, post or fax.


Email to: Attach completed referral to your email and send to with ‘New Referral’ in the email subject line.

Fax:         03 9549 2779

Post:       QEC, 53 Thomas Street, Noble Park  VIC  3174


Click here to complete Referral form


A QEC Assessment & Intake Clinician will contact you within 10 working days between the hours of 8.30am – 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.

When the clinician calls, the number displayed on your phone will be (03) 9549 2777. If you are unavailable, please return the call at your earliest convenience.



If you have trouble accessing this form please call our reception on 9549 2777 and we will arrange to send you one via email or post.


While waiting for your call please take the time to have a look at our: Parenting Advice, Stories, Audio Advice, Video Advice, and Podcasts on this site.


You can also call the MCH Line: 13 22 29


And visit the Raising Children Network website:

Frequently Asked Questions


If I have a telephone consultation will I be admitted to a QEC Program?
The consultation is to find the best help for you and this maybe advice or admission to a QEC Program.