Childs story

Sometimes I'm upset and mum gets scared.

Parents story

I booked in for a telephone consultation. I didn't know what to expect or if I'd get any answers. Within a week, I received my phone call. I answered the phone and an understanding voice was on the other end. I could tell she could feel what I was going through. We went through the sleep issues I was facing and I felt she had a lot of different techniques for me to try. I could tell in her voice she had settled a few babies in her time. He still cries for me at least once or twice in the night but the improvement is amazing.

Staff story

Parenting can be challenging and there can be hard times. Parents get lots of advice and this can be overwhelming. A&I has qualified staff to talk to parents and work through with them what the issues are and what they have tried. We discuss with families what might work for them. It is great to help families come up with possible solutions. It could be trying something different or organising admission to a program.

About Program

Parents can telephone to seek a consultation with Assessment & Intake (A&I). They are also frequently referred to A&I by other departments and agencies, hospitals and general practitioners.


Parents can experience delays in connecting with our professional A&I staff. Often there are large numbers of parents seeking assistance that can slow the process down. However, urgent calls are always prioritised to ensure those families get the support when it is really needed.


During the telephone consultation, our professional staff will carefully listen, ask questions and assess the situation to clarify the issues. They will then determine the best ways for QEC to help.


The staff may suggest different techniques or methods for the parents to try at home. Often parents are able to follow the advice provided to them during the telephone consultation, which subsequently resolves their initial concerns.


Depending on the situation, QEC may recommend DayStay as the way to support the parent and resolve their issues. Residential or Parenting Plus programs might otherwise be advised, and those can be arranged during the conversation as well.


The process is very consultative, aiming to establish a productive partnership with the family.

What to expect

Parents and care givers phone QEC. The receptionist takes your details and books a time for a qualified practitioner to phone the parent. There is a waiting list. The practitioner allows 20 minutes for the call and this gives the parent an opportunity to tell their story and the practitioner to assess what is happening and what would be the best plan for the family. This is always in consultation with the parent. Health Professionals can also book a phone consultation for assistance with their families. A Referral form can be sent to QEC for a booking from Health Professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book into QEC programs? 
Clients phone QEC reception during office Hours. The Receptionist will then allocate a telephone consultation time for a QEC practitioner to contact the client.


Why do I have to wait?
QEC HAS  experienced nurses and parenting practitioners consult with families for  20-30 minutes each, to assess what areas of parenting the client wants support with and what is the best way to help the client. The schedule of calls waiting depends on demand and can vary from several days to weeks.


If I have a telephone consultation will I be admitted to a QEC Program?
The consultation is to find the best help for you and this maybe advice or admission to a QEC Program.