Andrea Coote's Report to Parliament



"The Queen Elizabeth Centre (QEC) is an extraordinary organisation". Andrea Coote MP updates Parliament on the great work that we have been doing. See this excerpt from Hansard for the full report to the Parliament of Victoria Legislative Council.




QEC families and staff celebrate with balloons, fruit punch and rainbow cake as Andrea Coote, Parliamentary Secretary for Family and Community Services launched our new website.


"Qec’s new website invites you in to explore & learn our story, with each image opening a chapter and the centre piece painting the picture of who we are....." 

Justine Clarke's Visit to QEC

Our families and staff were delighted when Justine Clarke, friend of Sing and Grow, popped in to QEC to join them for a music therapy session. You can see our Music Therapist Rebecca and our CEO Athina Georgiou are fans too. Thank you for creating such a nice buzz in our day Justine and Sing and Grow.