QEC 97 th annual Report
CWA State Conference and QEC

The CWA held their 87th Anual General Meeting and Conference recently.  The theme "Community Connectedness and Creativity" provided a great scope for speakers to talk in their field of expertise.  The CWA mentions that QEC's work is so vital in giving young children and families an opportunity to start life on the correct footing and support.  QEC has loved working with the CWA and we look forward to a continuing relationship.  QEC thanks the CWA wholeheartedly for having us as their 2014 State Project recipent.

Andrew Jackomos Speaks About Bumps To Babes and Beyond

Andrew Jackomos calls for more programs like one in Mildura called Bumps to Babes and Beyond . Royal Commission into family violence Sixty-three Koori children out of every 1,000 will end up in out-of-home care, compared to just five out of 1,000 in the general community. The Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People, Andrew Jackomos, says this staggering overrepresentation is in part because women are having children younger and aren't prepared.  He wants to see more programs like one in Mildura called Bumps to Babes and Beyond. 



Andrew Jackomos: "Where the community works with young girls as soon as they're aware that they're pregnant, we'll ensure that they are, they have good accommodation, they are safe from family violence, they've got proper nutrition, dental health, all these things to protect them".


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