QEC is committed to protecting your privacy. We may need to collect personal information from users of this website in order to assist in the delivery of information and the provision of services. In doing so, we recognise the importance of keeping that information confidential. If you choose to provide personal information, such as your email address, it will not be used for any purpose other than that to which you consent.
No information that personally identifies you is collected by simply browsing this website.

QEC will not disclose your personal information or use it for anything other than the stated uses, functions and activities of the organisation, unless the disclosure is required or authorized by law.
Non-identifying statistical information collected through the use of this website may be disclosed at QEC’s discretion. This may include server information, pages accessed or downloaded, search terms used, the date and time of site visits, the site from which you entered and exited the QEC website and, information regarding your browser and operating systems.

If you have any concerns or questions relating to your privacy whilst using our website, we  would like to help. Please contact us on (03) 9549 2777, or through Contact Us page.


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