QEC has a proud history of research in the early parenting sector.

Our research projects have always been focussed on QEC’s core business: early parenting, working in partnership with families, effective programmes for families and reflective practice.

Our approach has always been to give families access to consistent, high quality programs. Research supports QEC’s efforts to maintain and develop best practice and thought leadership, to implement the most effective and safe practices.

These research projects have established an evidenced-based, informed approach to working with vulnerable families. We have a rich history of productive results including the Parenting Plus Program 2004, PlaySteps in 2009, Tummies-To-Toddlers 2010 and Evaluation of Hey Babe 2014 program

QEC also publishes training packages and manuals to further support the distribution of this knowledge.

Our world-class research has also been published in the Journal of Paediatric Psychology 2008, the Journal of Family Nursing 2009 and the Journal of Infant Mental Health 2010.

Our current research project is the evaluation of the Bumps to Babes and Beyond program for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in Mildura. The research is seeking to determine the effective elements of the program for this group.

Two previous research projects looked at facilitating organisational change related to the Development of QEC Practice Model and the Workplace Innovation Project researching the Benefits of the Provision of Reflective Practice.

QEC’s valuable research program has been only been possible with the generous support from a range of charitable trusts and philanthropic organisations. Their support has made a substantial contribution to our work, and the work of others in caring for young children and their families.