5 Day Program 2013 - A Parent's Story

Thank you, thank you. I cannot say it enough for what you all have done for myself, Savanna & Seyesta. From the moment I was greeted at the door, there was a special feeling about this place, its so kind, warm, loving and you are all so supportive. I look back now at my life 2 weeks ago prior to QEC, and all I can say is it was one that I knew I couldn’t keep living, and for the first time after four kids I could feel depression. No sleep, or if I had sleep it was broken, the most sleep I ever had this year was five hours but I was up nearly every hour, with one or the other child. The future wasn’t looking happy. Trying to attend university and a mum to four kids, with very little sleep and behaviour issues, due to the result of no sleep.


But now after QEC I have gained more than I ever dreamed of: - understanding sleep and sleep queues - support with my child’s autism - better understanding of my children - amazing music experiences that I will continue at home - behaviour skills - I met the most amazing staff and caring people - the confidence to be firm and set boundaries I know if I had not attended QEC that I would have quit university, and my family would have suffered later on due to that. Again for every staff member who opened their hearts and helped me – THANK YOU.


Not only will my children sleep and behave better, but I am now having the time of my life and enjoying them, as prior it was screaming day and night, and I didn’t enjoy my time with them. I can actually say I am looking forward to taking my four children out and enjoying our time out, as prior, the children were just so sleep deprived and I was too tired, short fused, and a simple walk to the park was always a nightmare. To every staff member that was a part of my journey, from day, afternoon and evening staff, thank you again for supporting me, guiding me and being a friend when times were hard.


I wish I had called QEC months and months ago but didn’t. At least now I have the confidence when I return home to keep in place these new sleeping positions and also make many new changes to better my children’s sleeping and eating habits. Again QEC, you have all given me the best, priceless gift ……. Sleep and better behaviour. So thanks from Kirsty, Savanna, and Seyesta. Thank you all again from the bottom of our hearts.