Daystay Program 2013 - A Client's Story

From arriving at QEC for a Day Stay, it was like arriving home. Lovely, welcoming and friendly staff met us to begin our day of sleep and settling fine tuning.


Hugh, our bright and bubbly 8 month old, needed some assistance in independent day sleeping, and we needed some confidence to assist him. Becoming a parent is an enormous challenge and the wonderful non-judgemental support and knowledge, sharing of parenting techniques, has given me additional confidence in terms of future parenting, not just the day settling course that I was actually here for.


It’s wonderful to connect with “parenting professionals” who understand the challenges – theoretical and practical – and provide workable solutions for the home and family life. Meeting such caring “parent professionals” reminds me of the importance of our little people. Our society does not value these little people enough. Organisations like QEC provide support to parents to produce wonderful adults of the future.