Elena and Josiah are all smiles when they get up for breakfast these days

We came to QEC for help with Josiah’s feeding and sleeping problems. For thirteen months our little boy suffered from reflux. He was constantly vomiting, underweight and often very tired. Feeding time was a real struggle. So never in my imagination did I think we’d get sleep and that he’d be feeding and into a routine,” says Elena. Josiah’s now happy about eating. He comes to the table, takes in solids and finishes his milk bottles. Our progress has been so sharp and so positive. I’ve now got real expectations, I know what I can do and how my boy will respond. I’m leaving here with a truckload of information and ideas that add up to have a really big impact on making our lives better.” We lived at the centre for five days where staff provided individual support and coaching to help work through our issues. By working together with staff we got Josiah into an eating and sleeping routine. Staff just care so much. They’ve been very supportive and gentle, yet instructive on how to do things. They’ll sit there with you and not look at their watches. It’s genuine. They want to be there and help you.