Childs story

When I was tired I had a sleep and then played with lots of toys with mummy.

Parents story

Becoming a parent is an enormous challenge and the non-judgemental support and sharing of parenting techniques that our family received has given me additional confidence in not only supporting my child's day sleep but all aspects of early parenting. Meeting such caring parenting professionals reminds me of just how important our children are.

Staff story

It is a very busy day. It’s very satisfying to be able to share our knowledge with families and support parents. At the end of the day it’s wonderful to see parents empowered with knowledge and confidence. It’s amazing what can be achieved in a day!!

About Program

QEC's modern and popular Day Stay Unit allows families with babies and toddlers, to spend the day learning and practising new skills.


The program gives parents the ability and the confidence to deal with a range of parenting issues relating to unsettled babies, such as lactation and breast feeding, infant formula preparation and feeding, weaning, first foods and toddler meals, as well as difficult toddler behaviour.


It also provides lots of help with communicating with children and, most importantly, the fun stuff…. play!

What to expect

Up to seven families with similar age children attend on the same day. Each family has a separate bedroom and receive one-on-one support from Early Parenting Practitioners to develop and work towards a child focussed goal for the day. Group discussions take place in the shared family room. Meals are available in the shared dining facilities within the Day Stay Unit. Day Stay hours are usually 8:30am to 3:30pm. The program is flexible and can adapt to your needs.

What To Bring

• Medicare Card, Health Care Card, Pension Card, if applicable, for each person attending.
• Child Health Record.
• Toiletries
• Dummies x 2, if used.
• Special toy or security item labeled with your child's name.
• Please bring your infant/child’s dietary requirements for the day including;
• age appropriate food for lunch and snacks.
• If needed please bring infant formula, teats and bottles. Sterilising equipment is provided.
• Supply of disposable nappies

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to come to QEC? 
There is no charge for admission to a QEC program. You are admitted as a Medicare client. You are expected to bring your own nappies and formula and the only expense for Day Stay is if you wish to buy lunch.


Can I leave the building?
Yes, there is a shopping centre near or you can go for walks in your free time.


Are there shops close by? 
Yes, Noble Park shopping Centre is about 5 minutes walking distance. Parkmore Shopping Centre is approximately 5 minutes away by car.


Is there security parking for my car?
There is a well-lit parking area but it is not secure parking.


Do I need to bring toys for my child?
We do have a play room with lots of toys; however, if your child has a favourite toy, you can bring that along with you. Be sure to mark your child’s toy with a name tag.


Can I speak to someone straight away?
You need to book a call to speak to a nurse. When you first call in, the receptionist will take some initial details and book a call for you. Unfortunately QEC does not have an emergency service where you get put through straight away.