Childs story

Ladies come to visit and they've brought toys and it’s fun. My mummy is happy and she smiles lots.

Parents story

I desperately needed to hear I'm doing an OK job as a mum and as myself. I am happy to hear all the positive feedback from the QEC workers and I actually look forward to the time my son and I get to spend learning and being praised together, After being with a violent partner I started believing I was a bad mother, even though I put my heart and soul into loving and looking after my son. To hear positive reinforcement from QEC has helped to build up my self esteem and learn who I am. The program has given me a renewed lease on life as a successful, more confident single mum. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Staff story

Our aim is to provide information and enhance skills that strengthen the attachment between parents and their children, so they can enjoy the experience of being a parent. I enjoy being able to share some knowledge and help parents see they hold a lot of information and have the skills that allow them to be parents themselves. Some of our families have experienced and survived enormous challenges, they need to be congratulated on their resilience and recognise the skills they have used to get to this point in their lives. Most want to be able to provide the best environment for their children to grow and learn. I get enormous satisfaction from observing and learning about the development in the parent-child relationship, and enjoy observing the growth of trust and enjoyment in a relationship that may have lost these.

About Program

The Parenting Plus Program is a flexible 4-9 week home based program aimed at supporting families with children under the age of 4 years. The program supports the family’s goals and provides education in regard to sleep and settling strategies, feeding, behaviour guidance strategies, age-appropriate routines and education in relation to their child’s age and stage of development.


The program also has access to health direct video calls and tele-health calls that can complement the home visits. Staff will provide referral pathways should other supports or services be required ongoing. 


What to expect

Staff visit each week for up to two hours each visit, bringing information, games, activities and ideas to assist you to meet your goals. At these visits staff will use interventions that best work with your family this might be through written information, discussions, modelling behaviour or a number of other ways. We also put together a photo story book and a certificate to celebrate your completion of the program. This book is full of information about your progress throughout the program and is also used as a teaching tool throughout the program as well. Each visit is individually structured around your goals each week and the staff will discuss these goals, your progress and what activities they will bring for the next visit.