Childs story

I love to play with all the toys in the playroom. There were lots of other kids there like me.

Parents story

Our progress has been so sharp and so positive. I’ve now got real expectations; I know what I can do and how my boy will respond. I’m leaving here with a truckload of information and ideas that add up to have a really big impact on making our lives better. We lived at the centre for five days where staff provided individual support and coaching to help work through our issues.

Staff story

One of the lovely things is seeing mums who come in so flat and talk negatively about life with their families. Then five days later they’re looking bright and bubbly and saying, “I can see there are some great things going on in my life”.

About Program

The Residential Program offers an intensive style of support and care for families who are experiencing complex difficulties with their young children.


The residential stay is usually 5 days long. Families are provided with practical support, education and advice whilst living at QEC.


Each family is provided with a suite, each with a main bedroom containing a double bed, a children’s room and ensuite bathroom facilities. All the suites have a garden outlook. The dining room, kitchen, sitting room, playroom, gardens and courtyards are shared.


Our friendly professional staff work alongside families to develop a child and family action plan that is individualised to each family. The program aims to promote healthy child development and family wellbeing, by improving early parenting practices, family communication and interaction, child safety and the importance of play and positive interactions.


QEC professionals will offer one-on-one coaching and counseling. The family will meet other families with children of a similar age and parents attend group education sessions with other parents.


The staff will also make referrals to services in your local community for ongoing care or support if parents need it when they go home

What to expect

Families who take part in the Residential Program will generally stay for five days. During this time families are offered support from professional staff from a range of disciplines such as nursing, early child care, social work, family counselling and psychology. Each family will receive support from a designated staff member for morning, afternoon and night time. Education sessions are offered daily and there are many opportunities to take part in group or solo sessions focussed on music and play in QEC's infamous playroom that is bursting with fun! For the adults, they can treat themselves to a massage with our visiting massage therapist for a small but worthwhile fee. Accommodation is in family suites, each with a main bedroom containing a double or twin beds, a children's room with a cot or trundle bed and en suite bathroom facilities. Each family suite has a garden outlook. The dining room, kitchen, sitting room, playroom, gardens and courtyards are shared.

What To Bring

 If needed please bring infant formula, teats and bottles. Sterilising equipment is provided.     
• Supply of disposable nappies
• Current medication used by either the parent or child with you.
• Medication or vitamins in their originally dispensed containers (ie. not in other containers).
• Medicare Card, Health Care Card, Pension Card, if applicable, for each person attending.
• Child Health Record.
• Toiletries
• Soap powder for washing.  QEC provides a laundry room for families.
• Clothing for parents and child, hats, sunscreen, rain coat, warm jacket as per the seasonal requirements.
• Pram and/or Rocker chair (bouncinette).
• Dummies x 2, if used.
• Special toy or security item labeled with your child's name.
• There are hydronic heaters in the room; however you may bring an extra adult blanket /doona if required.
• Contact details (phone numbers, email addresses) for other professionals involved with your family
  eg. GP, Paediatrician, Maternal Child Health Nurse


Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to confirm my booking?
We require you to confirm your attendance at least one week prior to admission. Please give at least 24hrs notice if cancelling your attendance.


Where do I get admission forms from?
They will be posted to you at least 1 week prior to your admission, or, you can download the admission form from this website.


Can someone come with me for support?
We encourage and welcome both parents to participate in the QEC program. If you are parenting alone, you are welcome to have the person who supports you in your parenting role participate in the program.


What if my partner has to work?
Partners unable to stay for the 5 day program are encouraged and welcome to attend at any time and stay overnight when possible. This enables partners to participate in education groups and learn and practice parenting strategies together.


Are there only double beds for adults?
QEC residential unit has a mixture of rooms with double and twin single beds.  If you require a specific type of room, please contact QEC to make sure they can accommodate your needs.


What if I am unwell on admission day?
QEC is not a crisis hospital, and therefore we cannot admit anyone who is unwell at the time of admission.  It is important to let us know (preferably prior to admission) if you or your child have any signs of illness which could readily be transferred to other families or staff members. If necessary we can reschedule your booking.


Do I need to bring my own food?
Fresh family meals are provided each day for you and your children from our on-site kitchen.


What if I have a specific dietary need?
If a family member has specific dietary needs (eg. Gluten/wheat free diet, Halal, Kosher, Vegan etc.) please advise a week prior to admission.


What time can visitors come?
Visitors can come any time, and we suggest you limit the number of visitors you have during your stay. This provides you with the best opportunity to gain education and support, practice techniques and strategies and increase your confidence to apply them at home.


What do I do if my baby is wearing nappies?
QEC is required by law to dispose of disposable nappies. Please bring your
own supply of disposable nappies. Nappies will be disposed of by ‘Pink Lady Disposal’.


What if I use cloth nappies?
For the length of your stay, we ask that you use disposable nappies that are removed regularly from site for the comfort of all families and staff.


What happens about my medications?
You will be responsible for administering your own and your child’s medication that you bring with you. It is your responsibility to store medications safely in the room safe provided for your stay.
Bring medication or vitamins in their originally dispensed containers (i.e. not in other containers).


What do I bring with me?
See the section of “What to Bring” for more information


Can I wash my families clothes whilst I am there?
QEC has a laundry with a washing machine and clothes dryer for families to use during their stay. You may wish to bring washing powder for the washing machine, or purchase some from QEC.


What if I forget something?
QEC does not have a store on site, but is ten minutes walk from the Noble Park shops with supermarkets, chemists and general shops for you. QEC does have emergency stock of some general items if required.


What happens to the things I bring with me whilst I am busy through the day?
You have a safe in your room for storage of your valuables and medication.
It remains your responsibility to care for any belongings that you may bring to QEC. Each bedroom in the Residential Unit has a security swipe access that allows only the card holder and staff to enter your room.


Where do I park my car whilst I am there?
There is plenty of parking on site. QEC takes no liability for damage, loss or theft of personal property or vehicles so please remove all valuables.


Can I leave to go out to attend an appointment or prior commitment?
You can leave the program at any time and we suggest you limit the time away from the program to a minimum, to provide you with the best opportunity to gain education and support, practice techniques and strategies and increase your confidence to apply them at home.


What if I want to cancel my booking?
For cancellations, confirmations or any other queries regarding your stay please call 9549 2782.