For Lisa, it’s about reassuring and encouraging families so they know they can care for their children in the way that works best for them.

In my work at QEC, I support families and carers with a wide range of parenting concerns such as feeding or settling behaviours. It’s about acknowledging parenting is a difficult, challenging journey but that it’s also exciting and rewarding, and that it’s ok to ask for help.


One of the lovely things is seeing mums who come in so flat and talk negatively about life with their families. Then five days later they’re looking bright and bubbly and saying, “I can see there are some great things going on in my life”. It’s great when you boost their confidence, that yes they are a good mum or dad and they can do it. Everyone at QEC is so supportive. We all understand the job, that sometimes you struggle and other times you share the joy of what we achieve. We have that balance of experience and the knack of knowing how to interact with different people at different stages of parenting. It’s a phenomenal team of really great people and that keeps you coming back. There is no formula with our approach. It’s much more individualised and family focused.


Sometimes we help a parent get to the right place before we can focus on their child. Other times we will work with their child, set up a reasonable routine and then the parent can tackle their issues. We might have some professional knowledge and experience to share, but ultimately parents choose what they want to do that’s right for their family at that time. We respect what they say because they’re the parent and they’re instincts are often spot on. Parents are empowered and more likely to follow through because they have a say in what they’re going to do.